Your Chat Messages turned into one story.

A story to remember!

Create a Book with Your most valuable WhatsApp chat moments.

The Perfect gift for your loved ones!

Print a beautiful book with your favorite WhatsApp Chats!

Create your book from your Chats in WhatsApp. Chatella allows you to keep your memories forever and to get the best present for any occasion! We provide you with the possibility to transform your WhatsApp chats into a book. A book which is designed by you in just a few simple steps. It will take you only 10 mins and you can create the gift every person would love to receive.

Present for couples


Surprise your partner with a book with your most beautiful moments, shared in WhatsApp. Choose the best cover, add a personal message and arrange the photos and messages in the way you like them. Your loved one will get a unique gift.

Present for best friends


The best vacation with your friends? You have exchanged thousands of messages in your chat group? Remember those moments forever by creating a book from your WhatsApp chats. What a better way to show how much your friendship means to you.

Special moments

Special Moments

Did your WhatsApp chats capture your most special moments? Sharing pictures with your family, exchanging love messages with your partner or having fun with friends in a chat group? You do not want to lose any of them? Your chats to remember can be with you forever.

No limits when it comes to creating your WhatsApp chats book!

Designing your own book has never been easier and faster. Spend just 10 mins and create the best gift for your loved ones.

Chatella offers you the best solution allowing you to convert your WhatsApp chat into a book exactly as you want it.

Only with us you have endless possibilities to achieve the best design. We make no compromises with the quality.

  • Select the book size - A4 or A5 format
  • Choose between hard and soft covers with color, cover picture and title chosen by you
  • Leave your personal dedication message
  • Possibility to run spell check and correct typos
  • Your own design - select the background pattern of your book, adjust the pictures size, endless possibilities
  • All smilies and emojies are available smiley emoji

Hardcover or softcover? You can select how to print your WhatsApp Chat History

Hardcover WhatsApp book

Hardcover book

This is the most luxury way to print the WhatsApp chat book. Up to 1100 color pages, printed on glossy paper and wrapped in a hardcover. Add your own design, pictures, cover color and dedication message and this will make your WhatsApp chat book the most special edition to put in your library or give as a gift.

  • Color print
  • All smilies and photos included
  • A4 or A5 format
  • 1100 pages possible

Softcover book

It is also possible to print your WhatsApp chat history in a softcover book. You can have up to 500 color glossy pages with the same quality as our hardcover book. Also with this option you can have fun designing your own WhatsApp chat book, selecting the colors, pictures and text fonts which you like most. There is no doubt that with any of the two book versions you will have the best present for your loved ones.

  • Color print
  • All smilies and photos included
  • A4 or A5 format
  • 500 pages possible
Softcover WhatsApp book
WhatsApp backup book

E-book and backup

For each book that you order you also get a digital version (PDF file) of your book for free. So you can read it as an e-book and you also have a digital backup of your personal WhatsApp book. Click here to see how the PDF file looks.

  • Digital e-book of your WhatsApp chat
  • Backup of your WhatsApp chat
  • PDF file is for free if you order a book

Worldwide shipping

No matter in which country you are located, we can ship your book to you! We have printing facilities around the world which ensures that the book is printed close to your home and delivered quickly! The delivery time of your personal WhatsApp book is 8 - 10 working days after you have placed the order.

  • Worldwide shipping
  • 8 - 10 working days delivery time
  • Shipping cost starting from 4.90 EUR (depending on shipping location)
Chatella WhatsApp book worldwide shipping
Data security WhatsApp book

Data security

All sensitive information is stored encrypted on our server, which ensures that you are the only one that is able to read or edit your WhatsApp chat book. Chatella uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer), a connection that is also used for online banking systems which guarantees the highest level of protection. Moreover, the process of the book creation is fully automated, which ensures that no one can read your chat messages.

  • Sensitive data is encrypted - no one except you can read it
  • SSL connection - Same security standards as online banking
  • You can delete your chat anytime